Tinted Float Glasses

It is a normal float clear glass into whose melt colorants are added for tinting and solar- radiation absorption properties. This reduces heat penetration in buildings.

Clear Float Glasses

It is perfectly flat clear glass commonly available in thickness ranging from 2mm to 12mm. This is the most commonly used glass for almost all application.

Reflective/Solar Control Glasses

This is an ordinary float glass with a metallic coating to reduce solar heat. This special metallic coating also produces a mirror effect when light falls on its surface also preventing the subject from seeing through glass.

Toughened/Tempered Glasses

Toughened/Tempered glass is four or more times stronger than normal annealed glass. When broken it shatters into small fragments which prevents major injuries.

Widely used in
   Glass Facade.
   Shower Enclosure.
   Shop Fronts.
   Glazing etc
that requires superior strength and safety.


Mirrors are commonly made of glass with a smooth polished silvered surface that forms images by the reflection of rays and light. It is very commonly used in every area of daily life. Commonly available in thickness ranging from 2mm to 5mm.

Patterned Glasses

This is a not-perfectly-smooth surface with different patterns impressed on it. The depth, size and shape of the pattern largely determines the depth and direction of reflection. Patterned glass usually transmits only less light than clear glass. It is commonly used in iron and wooden windows.

Aluminium Sliding And Partitions

Sliding and partitions are fabricated according to actual site specifications by the use of aluminum extensions and glass. It is a very convenient way to increase the Airiness and is used in both residential and commercial settings.

Designer Works On Glasses

With growing emphasis on better quality interiors and aesthetics, the use of glass with creative designer works gives an increasingly stylish and friendly approach to the interiors as well as the exteriors of the building, giving a rich, royal, classy and designer look.

Ceramic Digital Printing

This is the latest technology for printing a digital file directly into glass. It has a very high quality output with extreme weather durability allowing for extensive interior and exterior application.